Safe Room

Small SafeRoom

This is a small above ground saferoom/shelter with front and side view. It has a vault door, small window, and overhang.

Community Storm Shelters

Side by Side Shelters

These two 7’ tall, 10’ wide, and 20’ long safe rooms/shelters where set side by side and have a 3’ wide entrance to walk from one to the other. They are located at a day care center in Lubbock Texas.

Underground Storm Shelter

Wheelchair Accessible Shelter

Above ground storm shelter partially underground with a 20’ long, 3’wide, and 6’ tall chute. The chute goes into the side of a bedroom in a house. The man that lives here is in a wheel chair and can now go into this shelter without leaving his home.

Safe Room

Highly Customized Shelter

This is custom shelter that was built for a factory. We was able to add every customization that was requested.

Installing Safe Room

Kansas Shelter

This a 7’T x 10’W x 30’L above ground storm shelter being installed for the town of Gas, Kansas.

Installing Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter Installation

These are a great series of pictures showing off the site prep and installation of an underground storm shelter. This shelter was being installed in Gause, Texas. In the first picture we are digging the hole for the shelter. The second shows the shelter placed in the hole and our crew finishing up. The third picture shows it with everything finished up. The only thing sticking above ground is the entry hatch and vent pipes.

Safe Rooms

Safe Room with Vault Doors

Two safe rooms/shelters that we constructed. These pictures show off our heavy vault doors pretty well. The first with the door closed and the second with the vault door open. The second also gives a glimpse inside.

Storm Shelter

7’x8’x25′ Underground Storm Shelter with Anode

This shows a 7′ tall x 8′ wide x 25′ long underground storm shelter being
installed. You can see the corrosion anode mounted on the end. The
engineers tell us, this anode adds over 100 years to the life of a shelter.
This also shows how much bracing we use to keep the shelter from bowing in
as most shelters on the market does once installed.

Storm Shelter

Hill Side Shelter

This is one of two fallout shelters that we installed inside a hillside. The shelters were welded together where you walk thru a wooden door from one shelter to the other.