What is a Safe Room?

FEMA describes a safe room as a hardened structure specifically designed to protect its occupants from extreme weather events, including tornadoes and hurricanes.  All of our safe rooms (and storm shelters) are designed by a structural engineer to withstand 320 mile per hour winds...which meets and exceeds FEMA's requirements as laid out in article FEMA P-361.  

Our Safe Rooms

We are now building a safe room that has smooth outside walls. They are painted white and are very attractive. If you want to you can repaint any color you choose.  With the safe rooms listed in this article, the dimensions are given for the outside of the safe room. If you are going to put this in a home or business that you are going to build, we can build to fit in any area you have chosen. (Example) If you have an area 5’4” wide by 6’8” long and 7’1” tall, we can build the safe room 5’3” wide by 6’7” long by 7’ tall, so it will fit in the area you have chosen.

No walls or ceilings can be attached to the safe room. They can be touching as long as they are not attached. We can put a 6” or 8” pipe out the top or anywhere you want us to, to hook the air conditioning from your home into the safe room. Inside, the pipe will have a slide to close it off when you don’t need the AC. We put the plug in and frame for your light fixture, so you can have electricity inside. The inside is primed, painted and carpeted. The outside is coated with a white epoxy primer and white paint. This will save you some expense because the walls of the home next to the safe room will not have to be finished with paneling, etc.

New Residential or Commercial Construction?

We can deliver the safe room to the location where the home or business is being built. The safe room would have to be placed into wet concrete by your home builder. This can be done with a backhoe, crane, or whatever the home builder has available. Remember - the concrete under the safe room and extending past the safe room on all 4 sides has to be poured at least 24” thick with plenty of rebar. Example - a 10’ long by 8’ wide safe room - the concrete would be 24” thick in an area 14’ long by 10’ wide. A 7’ tall, 10’ wide x 20’ long concrete will be 15’ wide x 24’ long x 36’ deck.

If you are wanting an underground storm shelter under your home, we can put it down where the shelter's door entrance can come up into a closet, bedroom, or any where you need it to be. The door is almost flat against the concrete foundation. The dimensions of the storm shelter door is about 32” by 71”. A fallout shelter door is 38” by 44”. We can deliver and install the underground shelters or any above ground shelter that is going outside the home.

We can custom build our safe rooms to fit in small areas such as under a staircase, in the back of a walk-in closet, etc. We can also build them large enough to be used as a bedroom, closet, pantry, office, etc. This safe room will have a hardened steel deadbolt lock. If you don’t need the deadbolt locking system, we would put a latch instead. This door could be opened from inside or outside.

The safe room will still have the heavy duty latches inside in case of a tornado or an intruder. We also custom build the doors whatever width you need from 18” to 38” wide. The doors can be put on either side or either end of the safe room.


We charge $2.65 per mile for delivering shelters up to 6’ wide and up to 20’ long. Any shelter from 6’ to 8’ wide and up to 20’ long will cost $3.25 per mile for delivery. Any shelter 8’ wide to 10’ wide and up to 40’ long will cost $5.05 per mile, plus the cost of over width permits.

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Safe Room Prices

6X4X4 $5,395 $965 $2,195
7X4X4 $5,995 $965 $2,195
7X4X6 $6,575 $965 $2,375
7X5X5 $6,575 $965 $2,375
7X6X6 $7,695 $965 $2,995
7X6X8 $8,465 $965 $3,395
7X6X10 $8,995 $965 $3,995
7X6X12 $10,380 $965 $4,495
7X6X16 $11,995 $965 $5,895
7X6X20 $14,995 $965 $7,495
7X7X10 $10,895 $965 $4,895
7X7X16 $13,295 $965 $6,895
7X7X20 $17,775 $965 $8,260
7X8X10 $11,395 $965 $5,495
7X8X16 $15,170 $965 $7,195
7X8X20 $19,375 $965 $8,795
7X8X25 $23,775 $1,755 $10,270
7X8X30 $29,765 $1,755 $11,390
7X10X10 $16,885 $965 $6,120
7X10X20 $28,695 $965 $10,295
7X10X30 $42,100 $1,825 $12,695
7X10X40 $58,375 $1,825 $16,695
7X12X20 $34,725 $1,825 $11,170
7X12X30 $48,690 $1,825 $13,485