San Antonio Shelter Installation – part 1

On site for install in San Antonio Texas!! Installing an underground storm shelter that measures 7’x8’x12′. After getting started we’ve hit solid bedrock…not a problem but will take a little longer. Loving Texas!

San Antonio shelter

Not new to this

We are not new to this…promise!

We are new to the world of blogs, social networks, and modern websites.  What we are not new to is building high quality storm shelters and safe rooms.

When we first started F-5 Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms in 1995, we knew we had to let people know that we existed… and let them be able to get in touch with us.  So, we jumped on the internet train.  We had a website built and maintained by a local business that did a decent job.  If something needed updating, it would take about a week for them to get it done.  Over the years we had minor changes made to the site but it was still very… very outdated.  It looked okay on a computer but if you wanted to check it out on a smartphone or tablet…. well, lets just say it wasn’t pretty.  SEO… we thought that was the head of a company.  And slowly, over time, our web traffic started drying up.  What shelters we were building, we were building for people in the know.  People that knew of our reputation, quality, and attention to detail.  Not a lot of new customers.

In recent years, many…. many new company’s have started making shelters.  The market is flooded with them.  Some decently made,  but most… not so much.  But what most of them do know how to do is market themselves.  They have pretty websites and they are on all the social networks… and have been for quite some time.  So now the front page of google, where we once were, is populated with new shelter manufacturers.  To find us on google, you have to really dig in…. or hit the magic keyword combination.

So here we are with our pretty, new website trying to get noticed again.  We have started stumbling our way through marketing ourselves on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.  So while we may just now starting to come across your radar… we have been here for a while, and plan on being here for awhile longer.  Let us know if there is anything we can help with.  We are here to help… like we have been for the last 21 years.