Hello.  My name is Robert Taylor.  I started this business in 1995. One of the shelters I installed on April 14, 2000, was hit by a tornado on Easter Sunday of 2000. The home owner called and told me that the shelter possibly saved 7 lives. His home was completely destroyed. That makes me very proud of what I do. We have excellent shelters and we do not cut corners when building them.

When we started checking into building underground shelters, we were very thorough. We talked to several engineers about the structure, strength, and durability of different types of shelters. We were interested in fiberglass shelters because they were cheaper, light, and easy to install. We were warned that a fiberglass shelter is not safe from a severe tornado. Then we started researching concrete shelters. Again, these shelters have many bad points. The concrete walls sweat and often become moldy inside. Sometimes the concrete cracks and seeps water. Then, we thoroughly checked into metal shelters, and found that if coated properly, they are safe, long-lasting, and stay dry inside. Compare our shelters to any other on the market. They are better than any we have found. You might find a cheaper shelter, but it will not have the quality of our shelters.