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Storm Shelters

All of our Shelters meet the National Performance Criteria for Tornado Shelters. Remember, many shelters on the market don't meet these requirements. Our shelters are built for safety, comfort, and long life expectancy. Our Shelters will provide a space where you and your family can survive a tornado, hurricane, or other disaster.


The main purpose of a shelter is to provide a space where you and your family can survive a tornado or hurricane with little or no injury. However, our shelters offer many other things:

  *  a safe place in case of a robbery
  *  an extra bedroom, if needed
  *  a safe place to store valuables
  *  fireproof storage
  *  an underground cellar for food
  *  a place to stay if electricity goes out
  *  my favorite, peace of mind


Basic Storm Shelters consist of these standard features:

  • Metal shelter with heavy duty channel iron bracing.
  • Prepackaged magnesium anodes.  Each shelter receives the required number of these anodes for cathodic protection against corrosion.  These anodes add many years to the already long life expectancy of our shelters.
  • Double exterior coating for flawless moisture protection.
  • Interior is primed, painted, and carpeted.
  • Turbine vent keeps fresh air circulating through the shelter.  Each vent has insect screens.
  • We install (4) heavy duty hinges and (4) heavy duty latches on door.  Each door has a (3/4") 3 point slide quick latch.
  • Door also has lift cylinders to make it easy to lift and lower.
  • The top of our storm shelters are approximately 2’ below ground.
  • Door opening is approximately 30” x 70”
  • Regular steps with removable handrail.
  • We install welded on junction boxes, light switch boxes, & plug in boxes in each shelter.
  • Inlets for electric lines, cable, telephone lines, etc.
  • We install a 100 amp breaker box in each shelter.

     Please check the area where the shelter will be installed and make sure that there are no underground lines and no above ground power lines directly over the shelter location.  Please remove trees, fences, etc. so that we may install the shelter.  

Garage Storm Shelter

     We are offering our above ground shelters with doors large enough to drive a vehicle into the shelter.  These doors are put on our 10' wide above ground shelters.  A 10' wide 20' long shelter would be large enough for a small to medium size vehicle.  For a full size car or truck, you would probably need a 10' x 30' shelter.  For 2 full size vehicles, you would need a 50' long shelter.   For Door Pricing and all other pricing, request or download our pdf brochure.



A Message about F-5 Storm Shelters

When we started checking into building underground shelters, we were very thorough.  We talked to several engineers about the structure, strength, and durability of different types of shelters.

We were interested in fiberglass shelters because they were cheaper, light, and easy to install.  We were warned that a fiberglass shelter is not safe from a severe tornado.

Then we started researching concrete shelters. Again, these shelters have many bad points.  The concrete walls sweat and often become moldy inside.  Sometimes the concrete cracks and seeps water.

Then, we thoroughly checked into metal shelters, and found that if coated properly, they are safe, long-lasting, and stay dry inside.  Compare our shelters to any other on the market.  They are better than any we have found.  You might find a cheaper shelter, but it will not have the quality of our shelters.

Tall x Wide x Long Price of Basic
Storm Shelters
If we install, we will furnish all equipment, concrete, supplies, labor, ect., We will install for an additional-

5 x 5 x 8

6 x 6 x 6

6 x 6 x 8

6 x 6 x 10

7 x 6 x 10

6 x 6 x 12

7 x 7 x 12

7 x 8 x 12

7 x 7 x 16

7 x 8 x 16

6 x 6 x 20

7 x 7 x 20

7 x 8 x 20

7 x 7 x 25

7 x 8 x 25

7 x 7 x 30

7 x 8 x 30

7 x 10 x 10

7 x 10 x 14

7 x 10 x 20

7 x 10 x 25

7 x 10 x 30

7 x 10 x 40

7 x 12 x 20

7 x 12 x 30

7 x 12 x 40

$ 6,195.00

$ 6,195.00

$ 7,095.00

$ 8,395.00

$ 8,995.00

$ 9,560.00





















$ 2,695.00

$ 2,695.00

$ 2,895.00

$ 3,495.00

$ 3,495.00

$ 3,890.00

$ 4,595.00

$ 4,695.00

$ 4,995.00

$ 5,995.00

$ 5,695.00

$ 7,095.00

$ 6,895.00

$ 8,195.00

$ 8,765.00

$ 8,900.00

$ 8,995.00

$ 4,995.00

$ 7,090.00

$ 8,395.00

$ 8,995.00

$ 10,295.00

$ 12,670.00

$ 9,195.00

$ 11,375.00

$ 12,660.00


(Add $985 for vault door)

When we install these shelters, we furnish all
supplies, instruments, labor, concrete (for
anchoring system), and equipment, such as
backhoes, trackhoes, cranes, etc. We will
spread excess dirt in your yard.

We charge $2.65 per mile for
delivering shelters up to 6’ wide and 20’ long.
Shelters 7’ or 8’ wide and up to 20’ long will
be $3.25 per mile for delivery. Any shelter
over 8’ wide or 20’ long , and up to 40’ long
will be $5.05 per mile plus the cost of
over width permits, (if permits are needed).
When installing in hard rock, you will have to pay
to dig the hole and we will do the rest.

FEMA guidelines for number of occupants per shelter are as follows:
For a tornado shelter - 5 square feet of space per person.  For a hurricane - 10 square feet per person, because you would probably be in the shelter for more than one day.  Wheelchair users require 10 square feet per person.  Bedridden people require 30 square feet. 
Example:   A 6'x6' shelter is rated for 6 or 7 people for tornadoes or about 3 for hurricanes.  We can put 2 fold-up beds in an above gro9und shelter 7' tall, 8' wide, and 8' long.  This shelter is rated for 12 or 13 people for short periods of time.

Check out our exciting new options that are now available

 3D Model of Our Military Grade Fallout / Bomb Shelter

For additional information and current pricing, please request or download our free brochure here.

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NBC Fallout Shelters

Our shelters have been tested by the National Storm Shelter Association / Wind Engineering Department in Lubbock, TX.


All Shelters and Shelter
designs are


All pictures of tornadoes and hurricanes are from the NOAA & NSSL websites